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Trade Signals

The team at IntelliTrade works hard to bring customers thoroughly researched investment ideas. We provide signals on when to buy and exit trades in multiple markets, including stocks, options, and commodities. Trade signals will be accompanied by a brief report providing only the information you need to know. And unlike other providers, We offer transparency in all of our recommendations and a commitment to no front running our trade signals.

Daily Briefing

We dive into news and information from reliable sources to bring you the latest and most important market knowledge with no time-consuming fillers. The daily briefing is delivered every weekday before the market opens and provides statistics from the previous day, news you need to know, what to look for in the current day, and the current IntelliTrade investment positions. All in the same time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

Experienced Research Team

The research team at IntelliTrade does not jump on trendy stocks, throw darts at a board, or pass on tips from chat rooms. We follow strict research and risk management protocols to not only tell you when to enter a trade, but when to exit as well. Let us do the hard work of diving into complicated company reports, accounting statements, and technical data, interpreting this information and translating it into simplified, actionable trade ideas.

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Don't just take our word for it. Here are two examples of the services we provide on a daily basis.

Daily Briefing

September 29th – 9:23 AM EDT

“A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking real money.” – JP Morgan 1912

Market Summary

- Stocks had another strong session yesterday, closing 1.61% higher off strong economic data numbers domestically and globally, with progress in stimulus discussions.

- The $25 billion airline bailout expires on Thursday. Airlines are expected to begin furloughing workers and cutting routes to cut the cash burn rate. Airline revenue is down over 65% compared to last year.

- House Democrats released a fresh $2.2 trillion stimulus proposal, which is an attempt to compromise with Senate Republicans as the original House bill was $3.4 trillion. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin held talks last evening and will be speaking again this morning.

Trade Call

October 6th – 9:40 AM EDT

Kensington is currently in the process of buying QuantumScape, which, according to many in the electric vehicle industry, is building the best battery on the market. This is what former the Tesla Chief Technology Officer and current QuantumScape board member JB Straubel had to say: “QuantumScape’s solid-state anode-less design represents the most elegant architecture I’ve seen for a lithium-based battery system, and the company has an opportunity to redefine the battery landscape.” They are backed by Bill Gates, Chinese automaker SAIC, and most importantly, Volkswagen, who is also in a joint venture with the firm. Volkswagen produces 11 million cars a year and is going all-in on electric vehicles. Once the merger is complete, the new company at the current KCAC share price will have a valuation of around $4.8 billion. With over $1 billion in cash on the balance sheet once the transaction is complete, the company has enough cash to get to the production and profitability stage. If a QuantumScape battery is in just five million new vehicles a year (current annual production is 90 million) by 2035, it will equate to an estimated $25 billion in sales and $2 billion in profits, which would equal a valuation north of $30 billion.

About Us.

IntelliTrade was founded with the idea to provide trusted investment ideas in a simplified format to guide you on a successful investing path. Many investors today are provided poor advice which leads to bad investment decisions, and coupled with improper risk controls, it can quickly evaporate hard-earned money from your account. We have decades of successful research and trading experience and we want to bring the same experience and success to your portfolio.

We are committed to offering true transparency in our trade recommendations and a promise to no front running trades.

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